• Dave Lindahl, CEO, RE Mentor

    I have used Bob Norton as a CEO coach and consultant to implement his AirTight Management systems. Bob is one of the few people nationally I found who actually has "Been there and done that," growing multiple companies to over $100M in sales. In just six weeks, we were able to implement the first three systems of AirTight Management. They have moved our company to a new level of professionalism that will allow us to continue our rapid growth and succeed at a whole new level.

  • Craig Brenner, CEO, NEDS

    I was skeptical regarding the value I might get from attending. I went and was extremely happy with the higher-level strategy information and its application to my business. Following my "2nd" time attending, I became a coaching client too. I gained insights, perspectives and a ton of value. I recommend it highly and with confidence.

  • Paul T., CEO, iFive Alliances

    What I like the most is that it is real. There is no fluff. One example is using Competitive Landscape Maps. You explain the purpose and process of using the tools, and then you apply it, and people learn real things about their business.

  • John Edmond, President, Angel Data Networks

    I thought this seminar was appropriate for any senior-level executive who wants to get on the same page strategically with their team and boost their business. I feel I greatly underpaid for the value delivered.


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Design of an individual plan for each manager requires vast experience. Only very experienced executives and consultants are capable of both identifying the needed skills and creating a program designed for each individual. Each manager needs fundamental skills training and a shared language with other managers. However, training alone almost never works. Training is just information, or a foundation for building skills. People must use these skills and force out older habits. Coaching handholds each key individual through the required habit changes to ensure success. Our coaches are all experienced managers and executives, not “Certified” in a four-week training program. They have 20,000+ hours of real-world experience.


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